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that's the equivalent of pressing ctrl z in other suspends the shell and gives control back to parent shell or process if any.example:zsh$ bash bash-4.4$ cd / bash-4.4$ suspend zsh: suspended (signal) bash zsh$ fg [1] continued bash bash-4.4$ pwd / the feature comes from csh, the shell of bsd (where job control comes from) in the early 80at&t ksh, it's a builtin alias for kill -s stop $$ (yes, without the quotes!

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repeat the previous command, replacing string1 with string2. :s/string1/string2/so ^foo^bar would run the previously executed command, but replace the first occurence of foo with that for s/old/new/, the bash man page says "the final delimiter is optional if it is the last character of the event line." this is why you can use ^foo^bar and aren't required to use ^foo^bar^.(see this answer for a bunch of other designators, although i didn't mention this one there). this suspends the editor and gives you a shell prompt.

at the prompt, run ps to see what processes are running in this terminal.bash-4.3$ crontab -e 1077 ^z [1] stopped crontab -e bash-4.3$ ps pid tty time cmd 26295 pts/10 bash 26297 pts/10 crontab 26298 pts/10 sh 26299 pts/10 ed 26302 pts/10 ps bash is the original shell, crontab is expected, sh is another shell which must have been invoked by crontab, and ps is the running ps command.

after doing some googling and trial and error i wrote the following bash script that works well:#!

/bin/bash h=$(date %h) if (( 00 using last argument of commandyou don't have to retype the name of the directory created.

for example, with input{a,b this program outputs{a,b {a,b |sort -u try it online!

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