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Kalinda, through her husband, discovers something about her girlfriend, FBI Agent Delaney.

Alicia is asked by military court judge Kuhn to represent a female military lawyer (Amanda Peet) as she brings suit against a military contract employee in civil court who attempted to rape her.

Another man is being tried in Minooka on exactly the same charge, and the outcome of that trial could prove their defendant innocent.

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The firm sues a university claiming they were liable for the death of a student who died as a result of an extreme hazing ritual.

Meanwhile Peter's mother, Jackie, tries to become more involved in her son's gubernatorial campaign after she recovers from her stroke.

Alicia's affair with Will seems to be on the verge of being revealed to the press, but it actually turns into another potential scandal for Peter.

The firm's trustee briefly clashes with Diane, and Kalinda's husband, Nick, discovers more about her sexual dalliances.

A famous lawyer, known for his appearances arguing before the Supreme Court of the United States offers to help the firm with the case, but soon attempts to throw in the towel to lay the groundwork for a supreme court appeal challenging the Defense of Marriage Act.

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