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By now, I feel so familiar with Gül that the last part of her life story felt like a warm and welcoming chat, catching up with a friend after a long gap.There would be tea, and with Gül involved probably pastries.

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And then there are surprising individual moments: her friendship with a young criminal, her observations of drug use around her, the family back home suddenly arguing, a memorable dieting episode.

Gül's husband Fuat is still around to provide wry comments and comic relief, and her daughters lead their own lives with their own ups and downs.

Privately owned apartments, with members of the family always at hand at the reception, very polite and friendly.

We travelled to Greece by car and when we arrived, although there are no parking facilities, the owner found us a parking space right in front of the apartment.

The TV might be on in the background but we'd ignore it, or maybe we'd end up talking about soaps.

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