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When he hit her back, Sara burst out of the kitchen.

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Meanwhile, she coached their daughter relentlessly, forcing her to continue even when she was exhausted.

Finally, the little girl was able to cry on cue — a talent that was to prove useful when she landed a movie contract soon afterwards. And if Elizabeth made a mistake, Sara would visibly stiffen, and the expression on her face, grim and irate, would signal to everyone present that she was displeased.

After her ghastly first marriage, she somehow felt justified in being the aggressor. Elizabeth admitted later: 'He was one of the nicest people I'd ever known.

But I'm afraid I gave him rather a rough time, sort of henpecked him and probably wasn't mature enough for him.'The key to their relationship was that Todd was able to treat her like the child she'd never really been.

One night, when she was 16, she confessed to her parents that she was sick and tired of making movies, and just wanted to be a regular child.

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