Periodically reviewing and updating job descriptions

However, some of them you are more likely to find only at large university graduate libraries, often in storage.Since I originally wrote this bibliography in 1999 there has been a major improvement.

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The most important item for genealogists researching French nobles is the "Table alphabtique du Cabinet des titres" (Noms de famille des 6 premires sries, 10 vol. This is the same as bound volumes found at the library under the title "Rpertoire alphabtique des sries gnalogiques de l'ancien cabinet des titres de la Bibliothque nationale" (mss., 10 vols., in-fol.1898). Louis-Philippe, the Citizen King of the French, created a special shrine to commemorate the crusaders when he remodeled Versailles. 6, parts 1 and 2, of this work lists the knights, gives some biographical details, and presents their arms.

The original index is on the shelve near the doorway as you enter the Department of Manuscripts. Be forwarned that some of these arms and some of the crusaders are bogus.

However, many of these works are now available from Histoire & Généalgie.

In fact, this company offers a special Cabinet Généalogiste Expert which includes most of the major works mentioned in this bibliography and consists of 22 CDs or DVDs for the price of 988.00 euros.

When you suspect you have a French ancestor who was a noble you must launch a research project to verify your suspicions.

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