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In our home, a young man interested in Heather or Catharine is apt to find himself playing basketball with Ned and Drew, or helping out in the kitchen after dinner. While the benefits of courtship are intriguing, folks may balk at changing the way they've looked at relationship building between the sexes.

Dating, as it has evolved in the 20 century, is readily accepted and understood. Courtship, on the other hand, introduces a different set of guidelines and behaviour patterns.

This decision stemmed from having been trained by us to follow the Lord wholeheartedly.

Ned's conclusion--which took place before our family embraced the concept of courtship--will seem radical to some.

Otherwise, don't even bother starting a relationship. (As for our sons, they know they must meet the same guidelines before they can begin courting a young woman.)Since courtship is reserved only for young couples spiritually and financially ready for marriage, this effectively means no courtship or dating during the high school years, and perhaps not until after college graduation.

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