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A continuation of A Wilk's Tail, The Illuminati & The Wolf Children.

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He was not expecting to get this personal in the life of the child. Rin Okumura is happily living with a good relationship with his younger brother, Yukio Okumura.

At the beginning he had planned to be much tougher on him, more callous. But instead of answering, Mephisto sighed, ruffling the boy's hair. Though it's more in depth than just that, seeing as the Okumura brothers were lovers! Chapter 1: OC x END Natsu Dragneel [SMUT]Chapter 2: OC x Ciel Phantomhive [SMUT]Chapter 3: Reader x Kazuto Kirigaya [SMUT]Chapter 4: Reader x Armin Arlert [SMUT]Chapter 5: Reader x Villain!

The only question is, is Mephisto's hunch right and if so, what are they going to do? Rin lives a normal life up until the death of Father Fujimoto, and is then taken in by the True Cross Academy's mysterious principle, Mephisto Pheles. I can do more than one chapter and theme for any pairing. The day he found out he was Satan's son was also the day he lost his sight.

In addition, Rin is to be watched at all times by Mephisto's younger brother, Amaimon, in order to ensure Rin's dark secret isn't exposed. There are going to be a lot of hypnotic or tentacle sex themes in this. Also I do chapters on my own, but please suggest pairings! Now all he could see was darkness and flaming silhouettes.

He's become much more protective of his older brother, and refuses to let anyone near him, except one person.

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