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A Niteflirt hypno aficionado who craves an Out of Body Experience during hypnosis has been in my thrall.

Also known by the acronyms OBE or OOBE, hypnosis is one way to achieve this altered state of consciousness.

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Call me on Niteflirt for Sissification and Feminization Hypnosis.

Click the button to call me live or send a message re: my availability to hypnotize you.

I had a recent Niteflirt phone sex hypnosis inquiry about whether I would consider embarking on a call where I would hypnotized by the caller. The nature of a switch is an interesting phenomenon, but on the continuum of domination vs submission, I am firmly dominant.

Not all erotic hypnosis aficionados want to experience hypno orgasms during their hypnotic trance.

I can perform Breast Hypnosis to influence you to grow larger breasts and make your body release more female hormones, canceling out the toxic testosterone coursing through your veins.

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